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Though “why”s are simple, they are powerful.

“Why”s create opportunities to discover new things..

..and new people.

Children are curious creatures. They are naturally drawn to new things, and it is their innate ability to be in constant wonder. We believe that the word ‘why’ — though simple and easily articulated — is very powerful. We love how it opens up opportunities for discovery, and above all, how the joy of these little discoveries can be shared with others.

Why, O, Why! workshops are a series of art and design activity sessions for children, a physical space dedicated to cultivating curiosity and the joy of discovery.

We share some of the insights that we have gathered through our research on play and education in this little zine. We hope you enjoy it!

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Why, O, Why! is a space for design, research, and retail of products focusing on encouraging creativity and imagination in children.