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Why, O, Why! workshops are a series of art and design activity sessions for children, a physical space dedicated to cultivating curiosity and the joy of discovery.

Each of the workshop series focuses on a particular ‘material’ that is versatile enough to allow for a wide range of visually and haptically rich, hands-on, and playful experiences through guided yet child-directed explorations. Other than the learning possibilities each workshop series offer, we hope to leave behind an independent approach and process to learning and discovery, and to encourage the development of interests specific to each child.

Observe, Respond, Manipulate

Our current workshop series are available at different periods of the year. Each of these workshop series explores a single material, ranging from common everyday materials we encounter, to play objects we have designed. In these sessions, we will guide children to further observe, respond, and manipulate these materials using simple explorations, tapping on the different qualities each material offer. Through this, children will discover foundational knowledge from related disciplines, mainly within the arts and design.

Exploration and Imagination

Using thinking and making processes involved in design, we aim to focus on the process of exploration instead of its outcomes. We hope to allow children space and time to explore multiple making methods and processes, and experience the joy of discoveries both in serendipity or through step-by-step methods. Children will be engaged in making observations, documenting and expressing their thoughts through speech or drawing, explore possibilities within activities, and encouraged to eventually use their imagination to create ideas through various tools and methods.

Workshop Collaboration

Besides conducting our workshops in-house, we are also excited to work with educators to develop unique programmes to support your curriculum in play and learning. Please do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss collaboration opportunities!

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